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Setting Up

1. Tie the elastic band to either your indoor or outdoor ball using 2 adjacent holes. Please see video here.

2. Place the sweatband on your the same wrist you hold your paddle.

3. Swing away and the ball will magically return (at the same speed you hit it.) Start with a soft stroke and increase the intensity once you get a feel for it.

4. Be sure not to hit the ball randomly. Keep the strokes low and consistent with the strokes used

during gameplay. Practice your forehand, backhand, and dinking game.

5. BE PATIENT! In trials, it took players 3 to 7 minutes to get the feel for the device.

Your Buddy comes with plenty of string. 

Simply re-tie (with knots) if the string should come away from the band or your ball.

When finished training with your Buddy, wrap the cord around the wrist band. This will prevent the cord from knotting.

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